"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Friday, March 1, 2013

2 - 28 - 13

Hello wonderful family!
How is having me not there? awful?! thats because i'm so awesome! wellll, let me tell you a little bit about my journey =)
I got on my plane with no problems. I fell asleep on the plane hahaa. but I did get a little motion sick going up but not too bad coming down. I got through the airport fine once i landed. (SLC has a huge airport) and I went to luggage pickup just fine and waited a couple minutes before Branden found me just fine. He brought his girl cousin Desi to be my "companion" until they dropped me off. So they took me to Temple square and we walked around and I got to go inside the visiting centers and saw the old conference centers. it was awesome. and then we went and got some lunch and then they drove to provo. and I fell asleep again. hahaa. well they woke me up RIGHT before we got to the MTC. like as we were pulling in and I was like "im not ready! you should have woken me up to prepare myself!" and then they dropped me off and an elder took my stuff and i said goodbye and walked in. Well, my first day I was kinda like a dear in the headlights. (please imagine my face as if i were actually telling you this) and it was the longest day of my life. haha
Well i met our room of missionaries which is called our district. they are all awesome. two others are going to ogden as well and they are both sisters and the rest are going to Oklahoma. 
My companion is Sister Astralla. I love her! =) She is 4ft. 11in. and 90 lbs. she has red long hair and is from South Carolina and has a southern drawl. She is super cute and we work great with eachother.
I just have to say now, that the food here is gross. ew. It's like eating at Old country buffet every. single. meal. I really am starting to avoid the food and just eat the salads and fruit cause it's soo fake. SO i don't think i'm gaining any weight. And we have gotten to go run a few times which is my favorite. SIster Astralla (say is like the word astralogy) doesn't like to run so I got permission to switch with another girl who likes to run too!
So we have six girls in one room and 12 - 18 suitcases and three desks and ... lets just say it's pretty squished. I love all of them though.
Our schedules are soooooooooo full! our second day, we literally had seven and a half hours to study. and at the end of the day, all we wanted was more time to study! haha
It's great! Our teachers stuff SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE into our brains and I just LOVE to soak it all in. It's true, all we do is set, eat, and poop haha
Sooo our very first lesson to teach to a fake investigator, (our teacher playing a different person) I was sooo nervous! and we got in there and it went sooo well. He actually told us that our first lesson was the best first lesson he had heard since he has been a teacher! So i was so happy I started crying, but then I found out later that he has only been working for three months soo..... =) anyways, it was good. But then we taught a real investigator who comes to the MTC and we taught them. Her name is Hely and her husband is Jose and they are catholic. It was awesome to teach them. It's not too hard to teach them about the gospel because catholics and mormons essentially have the same beliefs. 
One of the things they have taught us here, is now that we are missionaries, we litterally are able to love people just as the savior loves people. And I have 100% noticed that. I just LOVE everyone. Every new investigator we meet, I truly and honestly love them and want them to hear our message. Because our message is so important. Why is it so important? Because there is NO OTHER WAY. We are literally teaching others to save their lives. awesome to think about huh? I am officially a superhero as well as Cody now! yay!
There are a couple of things I need to remember to write: 
Relief Society on Sunday we had Sister Cook who is the first councelor of the general young womens presidency talk to us. It was SO amazing! I cried through the whole hour. and then we ended with the sond I feel my saviors love and i coudlnt' even sing because the spirit was so strong. To hear thousands of Sisters singing "I know i will follow him, give all my life to him" was so powerful! Also, M Russell Ballard of the 12 came and spoke at the Tuesday devotional! It was awesome! I took notes!
So on the first or second day, we had a sister in our room going through some personal issues (yes, girls are very dramatic) and she was crying and we were all comforting her, but we ended up our day with a room prayer, like we usually do, but we were all hugging in a circle and prayed that way. It was way beautiful. 
The first couple of nights, as we layed in our beds, with the lights off trying to sleep, I could hear lots of sisters silently sniffling. HOw sad =(
Yes, the MTC is SUPER OVERWHELMING But in the best way possible!
All the sisters pretty much got sick and half of the elders did as well but I AM NOT SICK! YAY!
I am healthy! and I look pretty hot every day! =) My clothes are awesome and I love dressing up! Except for today, it's Pday and i'm loving wearing my jeans and not wearing makeup. 
Hannah: please get onto my facebook and go to the event where I invited everyone to my farewell and in there people commented with their email addresses to that I could email them the farewell talk. Please email it to them. You can find my farewell talk on my blog. Thank you!
Joel: Sorry! you cannot have my tv. And I am trying every other person reading this, to stop you from taking it =) 
Caleb: I am staying away from boys =) but my companion, Sis. Astralla says that there is nothing wrong with appreciating God's beautiful creations =) hahaaa she likes to Elder watch at the gym hehe
My testimony has not just grown. it has expanded unbelievably! Think of a balloon without air, and then compare it to one blown up huge! Exactly! Except that it's not going to pop....just get bigger. maybe that was a bad analogy! =)
I love everyone! I hope i'm not missing anything important. hmm. I have five more days here and then we are shipped out. Only two weeks. Scary thought!
Mom: I love you! Don't worry about me! of course pray for me! but know that I am not homesick at all =) I hope that doesn't make you sad. I just am not sad at all. I know that this is EXACTLY where i'm supposed to be. Oh, and just so you know, I am not changing at all. I am just becoming a more awesome version of me! 
OH! i almost forgot! we had an interview with our Branch Pres. like we do a lot. The first interview, he smiled and asked me about my wedding and wedding dress. I was in shock! how the devil did he know about that?! Well he said that his daughter was waiting for a missionary as well and that she reads my blog and then they found out that I would be in his Branch. IT was so awesome! He was so supportive! =)
Well, Life is pretty full! I love every one of you!
Kiss all the little babies for me! 
I invite ALL of you to read Alma 5 and really really think about it. either personally or as fhe or during evening scripture reading. It's awesome. I am trying super hard not to give yall TONS OF scripture to read =) I love the scriptures!
ok ok ok, I got to go, but I love you all! Pray for me! I pray for you!
I love being a missionary! I love God and I know the message I teach is true! 
-Sister Campbell