"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Saturday, March 29, 2014

This will be a first...

So, my name is Cody Norman. Last time I checked, I'm Amy's (Sister Campbell's) boyfriend, and I'll just say this: It's the best feeling in the world.

I asked what she thought, and she had no objections to having me update her blog. Just so you all know, I have NEVER messed with a blog before, so don't blame me if everything that I say is plain old boring. (it's a work in progress!)

This might not turn out so pretty...

Anywho, Just so you all know what's going on here, I'll introduce myself a little bit. (But just a little bit, the real star here is Amy) Like I said, I am Amy's boyfriend, and I just got back from my mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 weeks ago. I like apples, pickles, and reading books. Great! Now that you've all gotten to know me, let's get on with this! 

So Sister Amy Campbell was just transfered recently to her new area! (how exciting!) She is now going to (and I quote) "I am leaving the place that I love (Brigham North), and I will be going to Pleasant Valley with Sister Ingram. Pleasant valley is in South Ogden." Here's a picture of her old zone:

Sister Campbell is the one being silly, of course =)
She said that she was sad to be moving on, but she is getting pretty excited over this new area. The general vibe that I pick up from her emails is that she is just plain old happy and animated to be on her misison. She is just the best missionary ever! (To all of those who have family members or friends who are currently serving on missions and are reading this blog; sorry, but the blog author [me] reserves the right to express his personal opinions whenever he chooses. SO, Amy's the best missionary ever in my eyes, it's allowed to be someone else in yours) I'm not going to write anything else tonight. It's late, and I need to gather my thoughts before putting up anything else. Thanks for paying attention!