"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

 Sister Kuwahara and Sister Campbell eating at Angie's.

 Sister Campbell and Sister Kuwahara enjoying another day of missionary work.

A SUNSHINE package from home - Melissa Hirschi had fun putting it all together for Amy.

 Sister Campbell is having a very intense conversation on the phone while riding in the car.

 Sister Campbell just LOVES this little car. If only it were PINK!

Sister Campbell and Sister Kuwahara enjoying the sunshine of Utah.

Sister Campbell is a bear!!!
From 7-2-2013
I know that it is a miracle that I am on my mission right now. I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and become a better person. I know it's going to affect my whole life and my children and my husband. I am thankful for the things I am learning. I find it precious, the testimony I have grown. Things just make sense to me know about Heavenly Father's plan for his children! His whole plan is simply eternal happiness! Why would we not want to follow him when it will only benefit us?! Sometimes humans are just silly and don't take important things seriously. It is the most serious thing in this world, for it will affect you eternally. If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to search for answers for them. We are promised that as we diligently search for answers with faith, they will be given to us. I love this gospel and the happiness it brings and the atonement and that second and third and fourth chances it allows. 
I love you all so much! 
Sis. Campbell

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This LOVE song has come out since both Amy and Cody left on their missions. I know they both would really like it. Especially because the fellow is playing his guitar for his girl, and later he has grown a beard - SO Cody!
Here's a bit from one of Cody's letters from the week of 6-24-2013:

{Cody is teaching some AWESOME young men, but their mothers will not let them get baptized - it's frustrating for Cody.}Sigh...it makes me so sad. We had a visit with one of them last night, a ________ {censoring out a name, again} who is 15, and had his mom in the room too, and we were visiting him with 3 members: 2 youth and one relief society member. We watched a video about the atonement and missionary work that had a part of Jeffery R. Holland´s incredible transmission that Amy included in her farewell talk, and I KNOW that the mom felt the spirit, but she is quite honestly being rather stubborn. I don´t know why she won´t let him follow this path 100%. She says she isn´t impeding him, but she won´t let him get baptized. (I don´t think she knows what ´impede´means...) I was so sad at the end, and just wanted to ´burn´ her with the spirit, and talk about all of the youth in the bible that were called by God to do great things, and how God trusted them to make important decisions (John the Baptist, Samuel the boy prophet, David to liberate Israel from the Philistines...) But I didn't, it doesn't matter if the person´s mind is closed.
Amy had been sick, and her companion, Sister Kuwahara got her this food. Sister Kuwahara is Japanese, so Amy was very happy to have a companion that shared 1/2 of Amy's nationality. This is from the week of 6-18-2013. [And I think I just figured out how to caption pictures! - Yeah for me!]

Here are a few pictures from the week of 6-18-2013. I'm sure in time I'll figure out how to label pictures!

For now here's their descriptions:

1) Only in Utah do you have a prophet on a bottle of root beer!
2)  Sister Campbell and Sister Kuwahara
3) The lovely Sister Campbell!
4) They will teach anyone who will listen :)

Here is an excerpt from her *main* letter from 6-18-2013:

the awesome story is!!!! ______! {Sorry, I need to edit out names} So ______ is the super awesome guy who had a divorce two years ago and has been pretty bitter. Well our last lesson with him was GREAT! He decided on his own that he was going to throw away ALL of his coffee and pay his tithing asap! (and that is a pretty big thing for him). Well our last lesson with him, we asked him how it went and he told us that he threw away the plastic part of the coffee maker and the glass part, HE THREW A BRICK AT IT!!! (imagine my face when he told me that) he said that it made him feel better. haha. So he paid his tithing and the bishop assigned him to be a home teacher and he is so nervous! aww cute! and our lesson, we went over the word of wisdom, even though he had agreed to live it. We taught it and he had a couple questions and concerns about it and we talked about it and he said at the end of the lesson, that all his concerns were answered. AWESOME! So he is fabulous! 
I love you all so much!
-Sis. Campbell
Here's a snippet of a letter Amy sent me directly. Sometimes she has a bit of  time to squeeze in a personal note:

From 6-18-2013

=) every package i have sent cody, i always put in peanut butter and nutella. poor boy hasn't had any for a while now. they don't have peanut butter over there.
congratulations on being a new grandma!!!! he looks PRECIOUS!!!  i am sad i can't hold him! =( or any baby for that matter! it kills my heart to not hold babies! i love them so so so much!

i love you so much! i hope you miss me! cause i miss you!!! but it's already been four months and they have flown by. almost a quarter of the way done right? remember cody's picture? if this was a pie and someone ate a quarter of it, i would not be happy! =)
love you tons!
-Sis campbell

I'M BACK! {Well, at least a surrogate blogger is helping me out}

November 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Let me introduce myself. I am Cody's mother. Amy asked if I would help post a few things on her blog. Having never done this sort of thing before, it will be a new experience. Hopefully I can muddle my way through, and bring you some information on Amy's mission, and Cody's mission. So, please stand by while I try to figure this all out. Later!