"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

guy hair

So I am TOTALLY obsessed with guys hair lately.  When Cody gets back I am probably going to do it all the time! =) Can you tell what I like?! (oh! and the men are beautiful too!)

Mr. Peeta

If Cody didn't exist, this would be my husband =)

btw-this is Thor! Totally hotter when he has short hair!

Captain America

Damon Young in Make it or Break it

David Archuleta

Josh Turner


You better keep your hair this length Edward

I forbid Zac from going back to JB hair

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aretha Franklin

Sometimes the only way to express how you're feeling is through music

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful Body

Today in my Humanities class, we talked in depth about Adam and Eve and the fall.  One group was at the front of the class and this one girl pulled up a beautiful picture of Adam and Eve by Michelangelo and she was supposed to analyze it.  She analyzed it just as I had analyzed a similar painting for an assignment for the class. We both were moved with how beautiful Eve's woman figure is represented.  The girl talked about how Adam and Eve weren't depicted like Barbie and Ken.  I LOVED that she said this! Looking at these famous old paintings and even sculptures are so real and show what a woman actually looks like.  I find these paintings beautiful and they make me feel beautiful.  God created Eve and me like that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

cute quotes!

I am in love with these Winnie the Pooh quotes! 

Anniversary Poems

Your Beautiful Love

When considering life's beauties
within my mind I see
Spring with all her glorious blooms
And birds within her trees
I see the joy of summer
The warmth of golden rays
The laugh of little children
As they hop about and play
I contemplate fall's stillness
Cool, serene, yet warm
With leaves that burn like fire
That dance with wind, and swarm
I picture winter's solitude
I see her blankets white
I see her glistening daytime
And clear and starry night
Yet in things around me
is found beauty, this is true
the greatest love, and joy,
and grace, and beauty I have
found my love, is you

-Love you!
Elder Norman

"Though We Are Apart"

Though we are far apart, the distance does not seem to me so great.  Though many miles stand guard between us, many things to us are same.  When night descends and you see the moon, do you pause to ponder that I stand beneath it as well? Do your hands feel the caress of mine when you handle the letters I send to you?  Do you see Brazil through the window of the words I scribe? Do you feel me in the time that you pass through, knowing I was there three hours before?  Do you consider how we breathe the same air, or feel the same sun?  If ever you feel too far from me, cast your thoughts upon what has not changed.  And above all else, rest assured, my love, that the heart within you beats in time with mine as well. Is this not a sweet reality, born it seems for a dream?  Fear not, doubt not, and wait for the day that our hearts will join together once more.  As sure as gravity's pull, as joyful as the robin's return to spring, as sweet as the flowers wake from winter's sleep, my heart will return to yours.  Take courage, my love, and remember the "why".  Why do we wait? Why must this be? My love, we wait for our Eternity.
-Elder Norman

Monday, June 11, 2012


Went on a little photo shoot the other day with some of my best friends! They are so cute! And make me want to be married =) Here are a couple photos from the shoot.

And of course someone had to steal the camera away from me and take one of me...
AND if you have NOT heard this song, listen to it! It is beautiful!
By the way, got the BEST letter ever from Cody today! The letters I get are from a while back because of slow mail, and he was saying how he had just gotten my letters to him =( poor guy!

"I have TONS to write about, because I've gotten letters week 1-6!!! babe, you're making me the happiest guy...I mean Elder...in the world!!! Sweetpea, they mean so so so SO much to me! When I read them, it's just like you're right here with me! I read through them all regularly, and everything is just easier! Thank you babe!"

In one of my letters I sent to him, I explained how I wanted to be like the best cheerleader ever to him while he was gone, and in this letter he says...,

 "Thanks babe! Can I be yours too? yeah? yeah?? ok!

Amy Amy you're so cool! 
Best at loving, best at school!
Goooo Amy!
I love you more than I know how to feel!"

So pretty much he is the best ever and super cute!

Well, I got the family email today too and I have new updates! He is out of the CTM, and he is in CapĆ£o Bonito . His companion's name is Elder Nazareth, who has 9 months left. Cody is doing fabulous at speaking the language but getting himself down on it.  He said it has been raining for almost a week straight! Crazy!

Well he sounds fantastic and for the first time, I didn't cry while reading this letter! It was because I was just so happy! =) Too much happiness for tears! YAY! 
Cheers for month 3 and year 3! We all know that 3 is a magic number!...according to school house rock! =)

Three Years

So Today was Cody's and mine three year anniversary! I am trying very hard not to be sad... Nothing happened. It was Sunday so of course there wasn't mail . I just had to send him my lovin through prayers and thoughts. What a big accomplishment and no one to share it with... Wow! I really miss that boy!

I was thinking about how long Cody has been in my life and how my feelings grew for him

age 15: I liked Cody
age 16: I "loved" Cody (at least thats what I thought)
age 17: I learned what love really was
age 18: I fell more than in love with him
age 19: I can't even express my feelings for him

I just love Elder Norman! And when I think back, the past three years have been the best years of my life! Thank you sweetheart!

Friday, June 8, 2012

so so so many songs!

This next one is probably my new favorite!


I feel like a woman! I TOTALLY DONATED BLOOD TODAY! Let me explain why this is so ridiculously incredible. First off, I am SCARED of needles and I get all woozy when people talk about blood.  Like in Health, in high school, I almost passed out.  So with that being said, I told myself that I would NEVER give blood.  Way to scary and I literally was afraid I wouldn't make it though the process without ... DYING!
So today, my roommate walks in and says "Amy! We are giving blood! Right now!" She and her boy practically dragged me down to the building and I tried not to faint as I waited on the little chair. Well once I got to the actual needle process of the whole thing, I really started to freak out and the Nurse lady says "If you are going to hyperventilate then we can't do this!" Of course this made me mad and so I angrily replied "No! I am fine!" and glared at her...kinda.  Well I had my eyes closed and my head turned away. Well Branden (roomies boy) came over and I squeezed the crap out of his hand...to the point my hand turned purple and he had nail marks in his hand.  Poor Branden! Well I guess I was really really good at squeezing branden's hand and not very good at squeezing the ball! I think I got 50 million reminders "keep squeezing".  "Oh yeah!" I kept forgetting and it felt like I had no strength in my hand! Anyways! Somehow I got through it and only almost started crying once! Who is this new woman?!? Amy Campbell?? NO WAY! Amy would NEVER DONATE BLOOD! Well guess what people! I AM AWESOME!
Oh! And I also had real chinese food for the first time yesterday! including...wanton soup?! Yep, new experiences all around! I am feeling amazing! Now I have to write Cody and tell him. Pretty sure he isn't going to believe me =)

and yet another song

Monday, June 4, 2012

be happy amy!

I have decided that i'm a self centered person. I am soo selfish! What is wrong with me?! All I do is think "woe is me!" all the time instead of saying "thank you Heavenly Father for putting Elder Cody Norman in my life!"
Today has been a very insightful day for me! I have realized why I am going through what I am. The number one thing I want most in this life is to be a wife and mother, and I have realized that I don't get to experience that quite yet is because I need to learn to selfless. I need to learn how to take care of me if I want to do anything else! When you are a wife and mother, you put yourself at the very bottom of the priority list.  You take care of everyone, and if I can't even handle being by myself right now, then there is a problem! God is teaching me something! He is saying "Pull yourself together woman! and once you do, I can have what I am looking for.
This is just a learning experience/test. So far I feel like I am failing...meh!
Also, how dare I even feel sad when others are experiencing even worse things out there?!
So I am apologizing! I am sorry for being self centered and I am going to try to be more optimistic about things!
Cody sent me TWO letters today by the way! He can't send pictures through email anymore but he was able to send me some printed out ones! ...pathetic moment here, he took a picture of a flower just for me and I loved it so much I started to cry! LOL i'm so pathetic! He is on his last week at the CTM and then he is out in the field! I can't believe it! Once he is out, he can send pictures through email I believe. Then I can start posting pictures again! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012


sometimes i write my blog posts when i'm sad. sometimes i write them when i'm happy. these shouldn't be used to judge how i'm doing overall as a person. it's just how i'm doing at this moment. For example: this morning, I was fantastic! loved being home visiting! loved going to the high school graduation and seeing people! blah blah blah! and now! I feel pathetic! i am feeling sad, depressed,
and like i don't have a spot right now in the world.
Overall, i would like to say that i am happy, funny, optimistic.  I just have a lot of "moments" where i break down.
i hope i can make it through this next month and a half...if i stop posting, you will know what happened to me. death by college will be written on my tombstone. oh! also! since i don't write ANYTHING negative or that i think will worry Cody in the least bit, in the letters to him, most of that comes onto here instead. this is my journal during these two years and he isn't going to be reading this till he gets back.