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Monday, June 24, 2013

Juan's story- "I started my journey only as an investigator. I never had any intention of getting baptized. Even before I started meeting the missionaries I felt I was being unfair to the church. I was judging a whole church based on very little information. However, every time I met a member of the church, all of those ideas were proven wrong. It all started on July first, 2012 in a town called Enterprise in Utah. I was there for a baby blessing o a good friend of mine. By this time I knew enough to not judge but still didn't know all that much. There was this thing called "testimony meeting" going on where people would stand up and just talk about what they believed to be true. I thought to myself "They can do that" where is the priest?"  Soon after however I felt something very familiar. This unexplainable feeling that I needed to get up there and talk but I didn't want to embarrass my friend so I never did. A couple of months after that I was talking to some friends about this experience and by coincidence (yeah right) it was testimony meeting that next Sunday so I accepted the invitation and went to church with them and once again I experienced the same feeling of standing up there and talk, and this time I did. It would take me too many pages to write what I said but people seemed to enjoy it and I was asked if I wanted to talk to missionaries. Little by little I learned more about the church and at fist it was for the purpose of learning about them since it is sort of big in Utah, but after some months it became something else. Everything was falling in place and it started to make sense and that "feeling" that made me stand up and talk on testimony meeting now had a name: "The Spirit". I always thought that I was going to have a huge moment of revelation but it was not so. I was a sunrise that started before I even noticed and even after I had made the decision to be baptized I was still struggling with one idea: a living prophet today on earth. and then I went to conference, and saw him talk- somebody that probably struggled just as much as I did and maybe still does, bu that spoke with an undeniable authority. At that moment I knew that I had always known but that I didn't fully realize. I also learned one thing: I was meant to be born and raised as a catholic saint as much as I was meant to be in Enterprise, Utah on  July fist, 2012 and start my journey. That day God planted a seed in me and put the right people next to me to nourish it and made it grow and on April 13, 2013 it gave fruit. This church is indeed true and it was restored through Joseph Smith and today Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet and all this fills my heart with joy and peace and I say and write these things in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
- Juan Manual Vera Molina 4/12/2013

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