"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cody gets his endowments out tonight at 6:15.  That will be 7:15 my time.  He told me about a week ago but i'm a bad girlfriend and forgot until he texted me today and told me.  My emotions are crazy all over the place! I am extremely proud, excited, and nervous for him! I am also extremely sad because I feel that he is going to become so much better than me.  And I guess it scares me because he might learn so much new stuff and I will become something small and suddenly unimportant?!? I think I am overthinking everything.  I just think i'm going to stop writing now.


  1. Oh amy amy amy, if there is anything to be worried about, it will be that he will love you even more deeply than before <3 He is in no way going to be 'better' than you. You are both righteous, wonderful young people. You both emit the Spirit of God and His goodness <3 You are able to go to the temple just as he is. And i recommend you do go and take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL temple just down the road!

    You are WONDERFUL amy, wonderful wonderful wonderful and Cody loves you very very very much.

    And i do too!

  2. I couldn't say it any better than Jillyn did. Going to the temple brings things into focus; like a new pair of glasses. As President Moody told him, the endowment is there to empower him for the two years ahead. It's like the glue that will hold him together. And Jillyn's right, take opportunities to go to the temple there in Rexburg and do baptisms.