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Monday, March 12, 2012

skype and farewell talks

i figured out how to skype! and cody and i skyped for the first time!!! i am soooooo excited! and i wish that i had figured it out like three months ago... he is as beautiful as ever! and i got to talk to his whole family! i love them soo much!
my birthday is on wednesday! i am turning 19 and i feel old. =) i am very sad that cody won't be here to celebrate with me, but after seeing him last month and skyping him, i just don't miss him as terribly much as i used to.  i mean, i still cry sometimes, but it really isn't as bad as the first two months.  i think it will get really hard once he actually leaves and i can't call him or text him.
by the way! my sweetie pie gave his farewell talk on sunday! i really wanted to be able to see it but i couldn't.  he is going to emial it to me...i might be able to post it?? =) i will find out! i guess on sunday, when he spoke, my younger brother spoke too, and my little sister sang, and my mom played the piano...LOL how funny is that? cody's mom said "it was like a "family" thing!"
i'm so proud of cody! he will be the best missionary in the world, and if i had the choice of him staying with me, or leaving, i would choose to have him leave.  i know that this is what is supposed to happen. i will miss him, but when he gets back, we will be able to celebrate our fifth anniversary!

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