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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Car kissing?!

One of the goals/rules Cody and I set up for each other while dating was to not kiss in a car. Not even a kiss on the cheek.  And we never broke that rule! I remember this one time, we pulled up to a friends house, in broad daylight, with people outside, and he opened the door but turned to me to quickly give me a little kiss and my hands went between us SO fast and I gasped and my head jolted backwards! Thinking about it now, I just think how funny that was! =) Well he gasped too! and said "oh my gosh! thank you so much honey! i totally forgot for some reason!" and then gave me a hug! Anyways...I say this because every time I see a couple kissing in their car (...it's BYUI...not uncommon) I think "That is SO bad!" =) and it just makes me happy that Cody and I didn't do that! I love that boy!

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  1. And because of those standards I gained so much respect for you. When I try to explain to people that don't get the "waiting for a missionary" part, this is the type of thing I point out. I explain that your relationship started out as a solid friendship, and that the two of you decided early on that 'making out' only wasted time getting to know one another better. There aren't a lot of people that have that sort of self-control. Good for both of you for realizing early on that a relationship is built on so much more than physical. Your foundation is solid because it's based on real things, like what are your favorite songs; do you like rock, or pop, or country; what's your favorite color; what are your aspirations; what do you think about when I'm not around; what do you want to be when you grow up; what scripture did you read today that was your favorite, and why; what talk inspired you at church today; what made you laugh today; the list goes on and on. If you're wasting your time in a car making out, when do you discover all these wonderful nuggets that bond you to someone? There's plenty of physical after marriage - but not so much time to intimately talk anymore due to work/school and other obligations of now being married and adults with responsibilities. Thank you for always being such a good person for Cody to be around. He's become a better man because of you. I love him so much, and I'm grateful that he's discovered what real love is all about.