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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 1 !!!

WOOOOO! I have officially made it through my first week!  I am going to celebrate by posting some pictures of him! I have spent the night looking at pictures of him and noticing just how HANDSOME he is!!!
before his missionary hair cut! and his cute cute curls!

After his haircut! and he is cute with it short too!

Can I just stare at him forever?!?

Such a HANDSOME missionary!!!
Those brazillian girls better keep their hands off of him!
I am on break now and was able to pick up a package he left for me at his mom's house.  He left me a box that said my name in pink and a heart. I took it home and opened it and one of the best things that was in there, that really helped me get through this week, was a video of him talking to me.  I listened to that again tonight! I just love him SOOO MUCH! (I will post a picture of the rest of the box later)
Anyways, this week has not been as bad as I always imagined it would be like.  I know that a huge part of that is because he is praying for me to be comforted. =)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I haven't seen a couple of them, so I saved them to Cody's folder. He's adorable!