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Thursday, January 31, 2013

20 days left!

I just LOVE listening and finding music that speaks to me about this whole waiting process! It's the best! (nacho libre voice!)

I really truly feel like the past two months have actually been easy! Yes, I just said the word easy! =)  I think that getting ready for my mission has made the time FLY BY!
We are almost done with month ten! CRAZY!
So my feelings about my mission?!
The closer and closer it gets, the more and more scared I get! I keep thinking to myself "What did I get myself into?!"
I am truly excited! I am just so nervous! I have been talking to all my RM buddies and they keep on giving me comforting advice!
I have just started my farewell talk! Which is going to be on the 10th by the way! (anyone reading this is totally invited! Benton City, Wa church building!)
yeah, i'm totally nervous about my farewell talk.
and about going through the temple on the 9th!
and about my whole mission in general!
I have actually been breaking out pretty bad recently (TMI? sorry!) because of stress. =( But I always do that so it should only be expected. Sigh!
SO! I have one more week of my pharmacy job! My last day is on the 8th! and then I get a week off to pack and such and then the next wednesday i'm out of here! I haven't gotten any ticket information yet but I think I should be getting an email soonish.
I have my garments and my temple dress ( SO pretty!) and pretty much ALL of my mission stuff. I just need to pack up my room and pink polka dot suitcases. Yes, thats right! You heard me! Pink Polka Dots!!!

I need to clean up my car. And get some boxes ready for Cody! and I need to study study study! and finish my farewell talk. Did I mention that my two sisters and I are going to sing that day in church as well? Oh! and I forgot that I need to plan my openhouse/goodbye party for me.
So much to do! So little time!

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