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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

stuff to doo

So an update about me, AMY!
I have 44 days left before I am a missionary!!! =D I have gotten my endowment interview and reccomend. My stake president interview to go to the temple is set for Jan 20th. My vaccinations are scheduled for this friday morning. and my pink polka dot luggage set came today!
I have been spending some time with the missionaries here. I have gone out on splits a couple times and I LOVE it!!! I am going to help the missionaries out again on Thursday evening and I plan on continuing to do so regularly until I leave!
I have about one solid month more to work at the pharmacy and then i'm done. My last week of work is the first week of February.
So for now, I have been writing lists of things i need to do before I go.
That's how I work =) with lists.
I have to do lots of missionary paperwork stuff
sort through my clothes
sort through my room/pack it all up
edit my last pictures
get some boxes ready for Cody
buy last minute missionary things (watch, water bottle, tights, boots, etc.)
buy my garments and temple clothing
write letters to my missionary friends

Cody always informs me that he has dreams about me and that he thanks God for sending them to him because they are special treats. well, all I can say is that i'm jealous.
I NEVER dream of Cody. at least I hardly ever do. Actually last night I dreamed that he came home! but they never last long. I get to the first embrace and tears! and then the dream stops. It makes me sad. I wonder if it is because I can't remember anything?
I have a feeling that the time here on after is going to speed by. It has already started. The weeks are wizzing by! Before I know it I will be in his arms again!

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