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Saturday, January 19, 2013


So last Friday, at nine thirty, I signed a paper and a nurse gave me five injections of sickness.
I have never had a shot before in my life. I have been immunization free my whole life until last friday. It took a while to decide that I would get them. Lots of prayers and I finally decided I would do anything to serve a mission for my Heavenly Father.
So yesterday, exactly a week later, I drive home from work and wonder why my jaw hurt so much. And then I got a fever, red spots on my arms, and then right behind my jaw started to swell up. Not so much fun! I realized that it was the side effects from my shots, probably the mumps shot. So I took a bath and accidentally fell asleep. WOW! I woke up about three hours later in cold water shivering. It was AWFUL!
So anyways, that is my exciting adventure of getting my mission shots!
But I do want to share another wonderful adventure!
Last Saturday, the day after I got my shots, I went shopping with my two mommy's. Cody's mom and my mom and I were all going wedding dress shopping! Well, we were just going to try on wedding dresses for fun! Since I am wanting to get married a month after I get back from my mission, we were just going to get an idea of what kind of dresses I liked/wanted.
So we went into David's Bridal and I got to look through the beautiful dresses and pick out a few that I liked and I got to try them on. Well, after about three dresses, the lady went out and said, I know just the dress. She brought back a dress and I put it on and walked out of the dressing room. Well, once I saw myself in the mirror, I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was!
After twirling and twirling in front of the mirror for a long time, my two mommy's were whispering to eachother and then told me that if I was sure that THIS was the dress and if I LOVED it, I could get it today. I couldn't believe it! Of course there were some tears and I got to ring the bell that announced when a girl had found her dress! It was a really special moment for me!
Oh what a beautiful princess dress it is!
I wish I could post a picture of it, but I cannot! Cody will be reading my blog while I am on my mission and I can't have him seeing it! (Sorry honey!)
I can't wait for our wedding day when I can wear my dress and he can see it!

and this next song is another possibility for our wedding dance song! SO beautiful! It wasn't on youtube so i put a link below!

And I have been having way too much fun on a website morphing pictures of cody and me and making babies
look how cute they are!

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  1. :( that is no bueno on the shots! I wish you could have had them spread out a bit and not all at once :( probably was a big shock to your system.

    and yay on a dress <3 <3 So i guess i won't have much time to plan your bridal shower then eh? I'll have to make sure i'm on top of that LOL.

    Love you bunches Amy! So excited for you!