"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Can you believe it?! I am in the 500's now!!! I feel like the six hundreds flew by! I sure hope the 5's fly by too! I just want to share a love story that I think is almost as beautiful as Cody's and mine =)

I suppose I can give some updates on Cody. Obviously from my last pictures, he went to a huge missionary meeting and met up with some old CTM buddies and also saw our hometown friend Elder Eli Stoddard for the first time! That was exciting to hear! I had been waiting for the day that they would meet up.  He has had a baptism and there is another one that is probably going to happen soon! YAY! He received a package from his mom! He is currently reading and loving Jesus The Christ. He also bore his testimony to the branch last week and expressed his love for his mission to them. It makes me want to have heard him BUT he always bears his testimony is his letters to me and we always have shared our feelings about the church so I don't feel too bad! 
Sometimes I forget how Cody sounds or acts and I try to imagine him just walking up to me and picturing what he would say/do. Sometimes I can't do it because it has been so long.  This makes me sad.  But then I will watch the video he gave me before he left and then memories just flood my mind.  Sometimes I wonder exactly how much he is going to change in these two years.  I mean, of course he is changing for the best and is becoming an amazing person.  I just wonder how different he is going to be.  And if I will know how to act... these are just worries/ things I have been wondering about lately.  He sounds exactly the same in his letters.  Exactly the same meaning he sounds just like his fabulous self, simply intensified. 
I have heard a lot how missionaries will go on their missions and then after about a month, will write home and tell their parents/family how they have truly developed a testimony of their own.  I know that it's a wonderful thing, but I LOVE how I KNEW Cody had a super strong testimony before he even left.  And he would share it with me all the time.  He didn't have to obtain it after he left.  And his mission is only letting it grow! I love hearing him talk about his strong feelings of the gospel through his letters.  It makes me super happy!
OH! I don't know if i mentioned before, but I received TWO packages from my love! One was really flat and light and I had no clue what was inside.  When I opened it, it had three beautiful drawings done by him! And I would post a picture, but some things are just so special and beautiful, I don't share them. The other package I got the next day and it was a really small box but when I opened it, there was a lot of stuff inside! He packed that thing! 
Inside were two PINK scarves, two pairs of PINK earrings, some brazillian red dirt, PINK clackers, (a cute little string with balls at the end which you clack together) yogurt candy, fake flowers, and of course a letter! which also included instructions on how to clack the clackers together =) with stick figures showing me exactly how to do it! I love him so much!
Well I didn't get a letter this week but I did send off a HUGE letter on friday.  It was almost too big to close the envelope! He is going to feel the love when he gets that big boy! I think I am currently doing pretty ok. It has been a couple days since I have cried for him, which is good. Everytime I hear about him now, I get excited and start talking about how fabulous he is/is doing! There are a few things that will do that to me.  They would be : Photography
new clothes
cute little puppies
anything and everything to do with Cody and my's relationship

In my last letter, I explained to Cody that I appreciated the kind of relationship we have so much! I love him so much and he is my best friend.  I told him that I know that whatever happens, if we don't end up together, I will still love him and will still be his best friend! Because what we have is that great! 

Amy loves Cody


  1. Jay and i LOVE up. The first time we got it we watched it every day for a week. I know a lot of people say it's such a depressing movie but all i see is a beautiful love story...and maybe it just really spoke to me (introvert meets and extrovert, fall in love, loose their baby...have an adventure....). I just love it. I cry almost every time i watch it!

    And i know it seems like time is going slow but it's also going so fast! He's almost been out 1/2 a year! and i LOVE reading his letters, they really help me a lot! I need to start sending him some *real* letters.

    Thanks for doing this blog Amy, i really love it!