"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter Quote

"Amy, my sweet and dear first love? You know that I love you, don't you? How did it all start? Where did it begin? Was it a single event? No. I think it's something more. I like to think of it as a painting, or drawing, or a music piece. You can't take it apart and call one part more important than the other, just as with a relationship or history with a dear friend. Further, in paintings and drawings, you can't see a beginning, it just is. True, you can ask the artist himself, and he could possibly point out the origin, but what does it mean without the entirety? And with music, it is possible for it to continue on and on without an end, as long as one is willing to continue to write. But even if one is willing to write his or her entire earthly life, the song will eventually end with death. But not so with eternity. Now if one is immortal, he or she truly may compose a never-ending song. I like that. Music is alive, swelling with moments of excitement . passion, emotion, and energy, and receding in moments of thought. wonder, peace, or sorrow. It moves with life, as life moves to it. You know that nearly, irresistible urge to tap a finger or toe, or sing aloud when hearing a masterful or lively song? I feel music is a wonderful representation of life. I'm so happy our song can go on forever, Amy."

He writes so beautifully, I can't even compare! My letters must be awful compared to the wonderful ones he writes me. I dooo have to brag a little bit because I just sent him an AWESOME package! I got family and friends to all write letters and draw pictures for him and topped his package with that! The package had TONS of candy and snacks and such! A ton! And I put in pens because they are expensive in Brazil. I also put in a P-Day shirt! It is ALMOST pink! it's like a red pink. =) And I put in an Application to date a Daughter of God. And I put in three pink ties! And a thumb drive with hymn arrangements I recorded of me playing the piano. Hmm, I think that was all...but I prolly forgot somethings. But I sent that off this Tuesday and I cannot wait til he gets it!

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  1. Yeah.....i couldn't top that either! He always knows exactly how to say things. I LOVE that analogy <3 Such a wonderful one!

    and i think he will be so happy about your package <3 Thanks for letting us be a part!