"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Month Five

Four months down! We have officially started month five! Even though I haven't seen him for almost eight...
It seems like time has gone SOO SLOW! and flown by at the same time. It is the strangest feeling. I just got some new pictures from him! Let me share!
Cody and Eli! Eli is Cody's and my friend who left before him! 

Cody got pens and candy from his mom! 

My two favorite things in the world!

Sunset by Cody


That is a TON of missionaries! 

not sure what this is...

back off ladies

Eli and Cody again! I miss both of those boys!

missionaries waiting for their train i think. aww

At the station! So Beautiful!!!

AWW i love missionaries!

The Sao Paulo Temple!

Another one at the station! Beautiful lighting!

Another one of the temple!

Sometimes I just don't  talk to people about missing Cody because i know they won't understand how i'm feeling. So if you ask me if I miss Cody, and I don't go on and on about it, it's because I miss him so much, I can't even describe it with words.

These song helps give me faith 

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