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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Time flies by when you don't count the days! I am currently getting a package ready to send to Cody! But it's gonna take a little while because I want it to be awesome! I totally went to walmart and bought TONS of candy and such! =) Right now, i'm getting friends and family to write letters and i'm gonna put those in the box too! He will loooove it!
He keeps on writing how time is flying for him! And he is worried that before he knows it, he will be back home still starting to learn to language! I am soo proud of him! He has been doing more knocking on doors lately because they have a shortage on investigators. And they just had a zone conference. He painted a members house, inside and out! And he also says that he isn't allowed to wear sunglasses so he is going to have crow's feet =) hahaa he is just gonna be super tan when he gets back! And I will be rexburg white! dang it!
I can only imagine the powerful spirit that was in this room while all those missionaries were singing!

ok....this is DISGUSTING!

Look how handsome he is! and i think he is looking older

He can paint my house any day!

dawww! they are soo cold!


missionaries are so cute! but especially mine!

what a beautiful temple!

aaaaaand he loves pizza...obviously =)

Sooo that is an update of Cody! An update of me would be that I am working full time now at the pharmacy! My car broke down last week and I have been working in the evenings with Cody's dad trying to fix it. I think that it might be working again. I am going to try it out and see if it does ok. Yay! Work is kinda taking a lot of my time so I don't have much to say other than that! I love Elder Norman I check the mailbox every day! I just started the Book of Mormon over again! and I LOVE it! I am just plucking along and trying to make some money! Hopefully the time continues to move forward at a quick speed! Thanks for reading!

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