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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cody is Cute!

Umm, have I recently posted anything about how ridiculously cute Elder Cody Norman is? Hahahaaa! Sometimes I'll be at work, or home, or wherever and I will just think about Cody and what he looks like and I seriously get giggly and smile and i'm sure I look silly! Lately I have been thinking a lot about how much older he is going to look when he gets back! He is really going to go from being a boy to a man. I mean, he was twenty when he left but still! He is going to do a lot of growing up! and I mean that physically, but also in every other aspect too! 
Here are some new pictures!
What a beautiful PINK flower!

I think he's cute =) (his eyes match his tie)


Umm...he looks gooood! His weight gain looks healthy!

haha! look at Cody's companion in the mirror, taking the picture!

to prove that there are cockroaches there...eww
So here is another letter quote! His letters are so precious to me!

"I want you to be more than happy. I want you to have more than joy. I want you to have your dream husband! The man who will always stand by your side! The man who will protect your opinions, and give room to your views. Who will hold your hand in every condition. Who will kiss you tenderly every day. The man who will fill your heart with confidence, trust, love, and affection. A man who isn't afraid to hold your purse. A man you could live with, here on Earth, and forever and ever. A man who will spoil you now and then, if not always. A man that will truly and honestly make you feel like his queen. A man of honestly, faith, devotion, and work. A man of God. A man of Love. (by the way, I can do all that...just sayin')"

I really did laugh out loud when I read that last part! I could just hear him saying that! 
An update on whats happening with me would be that MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED! And I am totally her bridesmaid! I am so excited for her! Sam has been my best friend since we were like fourteen or fifteen. In high school, Sam was dating Cody's best friend Ben. When Ben left on a mission, Sam was waiting for him but now she is marrying another guy. And even though Ben only has a couple months left, i'm not sad. I am so happy! Because I know that the right decision is the one that God has helped her decide on. 
Lately I have been getting a lot of rude comments about how Sam didn't wait, that I 
supposedly won't be able to wait either! Which is so rude! Can't people see that every situation is different? People need to realize that I am going to do WHATEVER i feel is right! Sam felt that marrying this guy is the right thing. I feel that right now, waiting for Cody is the right thing. Every situation is different. And people shouldn't judge. 
Well, Sam's wedding is in December! and I get to help plan it! It is making me SUPER jealous and I just want to plan my own wedding so badly! It is going to be a hard/wonderful moment when I see her go through the Temple and come out a married woman. I just wish Cody could be here to see how beautiful she will be. 
I do have to say that I truly and honestly feel joy in knowing that Cody is on his mission! He is becoming the kind of man that God wants him to be! I just love missionaries so much! 

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