"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am just reminiscing tonight about how one of Cody's favorite things to do with me was shopping. I NEVER had to drag him to the store! He would actually ask me sometimes, "Hey honey! want to go shopping?" Ahhhh, it was so perfect! Only a perfect man would stand outside a dressing room waiting with a smile for you to put on the clothes he picked out for you! =) I loved how he would ask my opinions about colors, or styles, or what I thought was appropriate or not. Sometimes he would buy me something without me knowing! And then we would go to the men's clothing and do the exact same thing! I LOVE men's clothes and we would look through and discuss what he liked, and what colors looked good on him, and then I would stand outside the dressing room while he tried on the too many clothes I picked out for him!
I miss that.
Yes, he does hold my purse willingly.   yes, i cry just thinking about him.

Tonight my heart hurts for him

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  1. He is a keeper that is for sure. I knew one day he was going to make one girl very very happy. It's probably because he had so many sisters to teach me ;)