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Monday, September 3, 2012

Month Six!

Oh! Whats that? Another month done? That's right people! We are officially done with month five! and now working on month six! WOOHOO! And I do have to say that this has been the fastest month so far! Fast, but definitely not easy. This past week has been one of the toughest by far! And it doesn't help that I had to deal with a few waiter haters this last week.
I have just realized that the people who give me the most grievance about Cody being on a mission, are members. And I don't believe I have gotten any negativity from a single nonmember. How sad is that? I was just asking myself why that is? Shouldn't the members be the most supportive? I just find it very interesting.  Well, I just heard today from Cody's weekly email that he was transferred closer to the mission home, in Maria Rosa (close to Sao Paulo) and now he can get my letters much quicker. Before, it was a several hour drive and could only get them if people brought them back to him or if he and his companion happened to have to travel over there! So I am very happy he can get my letters quickly now! He said he got three today! YAY! So he is in this new area with a new companion. His companion's name is Elder Beron from Buenos Aires Argentina and Cody said that they get along great! Shew! My prayers have been answered! Pretty much Cody sounds very happy and he said he is loving his new area! He says that he loves all the food included chocolate stuffed pizza crust (!?), but misses the Tillamook ice-cream from back home! and the misquitos are killer and it is starting to get very hot and he is sweating a lot! Poor boy!

The ring I got him! Yep, this is my new favorite picture!

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  1. I am very excited for him to be able to get letters more quickly. I need to do better about actually WRITING him. (how many stamps do you need)

    and don't pay attention to the haters. They just want to bring you down cause you have something great. You and cody have had an amazing 3 years and you're going to have an amazing 2 more <3