"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here is an excerpt from her *main* letter from 6-18-2013:

the awesome story is!!!! ______! {Sorry, I need to edit out names} So ______ is the super awesome guy who had a divorce two years ago and has been pretty bitter. Well our last lesson with him was GREAT! He decided on his own that he was going to throw away ALL of his coffee and pay his tithing asap! (and that is a pretty big thing for him). Well our last lesson with him, we asked him how it went and he told us that he threw away the plastic part of the coffee maker and the glass part, HE THREW A BRICK AT IT!!! (imagine my face when he told me that) he said that it made him feel better. haha. So he paid his tithing and the bishop assigned him to be a home teacher and he is so nervous! aww cute! and our lesson, we went over the word of wisdom, even though he had agreed to live it. We taught it and he had a couple questions and concerns about it and we talked about it and he said at the end of the lesson, that all his concerns were answered. AWESOME! So he is fabulous! 
I love you all so much!
-Sis. Campbell

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