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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here's a bit from one of Cody's letters from the week of 6-24-2013:

{Cody is teaching some AWESOME young men, but their mothers will not let them get baptized - it's frustrating for Cody.}Sigh...it makes me so sad. We had a visit with one of them last night, a ________ {censoring out a name, again} who is 15, and had his mom in the room too, and we were visiting him with 3 members: 2 youth and one relief society member. We watched a video about the atonement and missionary work that had a part of Jeffery R. Holland´s incredible transmission that Amy included in her farewell talk, and I KNOW that the mom felt the spirit, but she is quite honestly being rather stubborn. I don´t know why she won´t let him follow this path 100%. She says she isn´t impeding him, but she won´t let him get baptized. (I don´t think she knows what ´impede´means...) I was so sad at the end, and just wanted to ´burn´ her with the spirit, and talk about all of the youth in the bible that were called by God to do great things, and how God trusted them to make important decisions (John the Baptist, Samuel the boy prophet, David to liberate Israel from the Philistines...) But I didn't, it doesn't matter if the person´s mind is closed.

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