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Monday, February 6, 2012

picture time!

I JUST LOVE BLOGGING! it's my new addiction! I figured I would describe a little bit about myself since I haven't done that yet, so...
and polka dots...
my favorite food are noodles
Noodles are my favorite!
i like oreos (dipped in peanut butter)
I have seven siblings-i am the fourth
i turn 19 next month. wow...i didn't realize
my favorite flowers are lillies-pink lillies
i love musicals
i LOVE sleeping
I did a zillion things in high school like
A play
i wrestled for three years
i did softball one year
a did xcountry two years

I love my family!
 I love taking pictures more than anything else in the world! I'm not trying to say i'm so amazing, it's just something I love to do...in fact I will add a couple of my favorite pics
My cute niece Tori 
My newest niece Gabbie
My nieces Charlie and Tori
Brudder and Sister Charlie bug and Max max
My CUTE little budder Caleb! i miss him!
My Cody! I love him!

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