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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i have been pretty bummed lately and i'm not sure exactly why.  i'm thinking it is probably because i am missing cody so much =( everything seems to be in slow motion and not very worth while. so it was a good thing that me and my roommates went to the gym tonight.  we now go every tuesday and it is pretty intense.  i have been working myself SUPER hard! which is a good thing! hopefully i will have a super rad body when cody gets back! and i think it's a good way for me to take some of my frustration out on you know? in a healthy way. =)
Anyways, after working out today i (don't judge me) ordered a small hawaiin pizza from dominoes because i hadn't eaten dinner and i was super hungry and i didn't want to make dinner and i really wanted pizza and blah blah blah! anyways! my story! the delivery guy comes to my house and has me sign the paper and i take a *big box to my room and open it to find a large mushroom on pepperoni pizza.  my first thought was "I LOVE mushrooms!" and with a big smile i take a slice and eat it. Then I get up and go towards the door to go get a drink and pass my roommate and tell her a funny story about how the pizza guy gave me the wrong pizza. "should I have eaten it?" i asked her and at that EXACT moment the door knocked and my heart stopped beating! "OH NO HE WANTS THE PIZZA BACK!" i mouth at my roommate.  I wait WAY too long and finally open the door and look down at my feet. "i ate it" i told him as though i were asking for forgiveness.  he just handed me my little box and said "thats ok, my fault" SO NOW I HAVE TWO PIZZAS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!! YAY!

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