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Monday, February 13, 2012


I had a fabulous weekend snowboarding for the first time everrr!!! I went with my roommates this weekend and I was scared to death! This is a girl who can't handle heights and rollercoasters! We had to get up at five and because we are crazy, we stayed up till three forty five watching Titanic! Well the car trip was like four or five hours long. I thought I would be able to sleep in the car but it was miserable! we were so squished. Anyways, after we got their and got our stuff on, we got our boards on and scooted ourselves over to the old man at the lift. He smiled at me and asked if it was my first time. Probably because I was falling down. So we made it on the lift! SCARED TO DEATH! I don't know how those things are legal! Getting on was definately easier than getting off.  All of us fell down =) Long story short- The first time down was the hardest thing I have ever done ever! I fell down about a million times and just when I was about to give up...i made it the rest of the way down! it was amazing! After that, I only fell down once, which was a face plant! I definately think that this weekend was a win and now I have had a new experience!

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