"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i just love him

Yes, i am a missionary girlfriend!
My sweetheart was called to serve in the sao paulo, brazil mission, portuguese speaking!  ONE of the most special moments I have shared with my Cody is when he called me the morning he got his mission call in early October 2011, and read it to me over the phone.  Of course, it was early in the morning and he called my phone about thirty five times before i answered it!  When he got to the part where it said he reported on the fourth of April, 2012, I couldn't believe i would have to wait half a year before he even left! PLUS the two years he would be gone! Well, now he only has two months left until he reports to the MTC in Brazil and i'm stuck here at BYU Idaho in the meantime.  Oh man! Do i miss that boy!  I'm really worried because I am missing him already and he hasn't even left yet!
Oh! if your wondering about our love story, i'll tell you!  He was my first date on my sixteenth birthday! I asked him, and four months later, on June 10th, he asked me out - Though he says I kinda asked him out. All I told him was IF he asked me out, I would say yes! Thats all! =)  Well now it has been two years and eight months! I just feel that if I keep a blog, it will help me with my waiting! 

Us before I left to college!

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