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Friday, June 8, 2012


I feel like a woman! I TOTALLY DONATED BLOOD TODAY! Let me explain why this is so ridiculously incredible. First off, I am SCARED of needles and I get all woozy when people talk about blood.  Like in Health, in high school, I almost passed out.  So with that being said, I told myself that I would NEVER give blood.  Way to scary and I literally was afraid I wouldn't make it though the process without ... DYING!
So today, my roommate walks in and says "Amy! We are giving blood! Right now!" She and her boy practically dragged me down to the building and I tried not to faint as I waited on the little chair. Well once I got to the actual needle process of the whole thing, I really started to freak out and the Nurse lady says "If you are going to hyperventilate then we can't do this!" Of course this made me mad and so I angrily replied "No! I am fine!" and glared at her...kinda.  Well I had my eyes closed and my head turned away. Well Branden (roomies boy) came over and I squeezed the crap out of his hand...to the point my hand turned purple and he had nail marks in his hand.  Poor Branden! Well I guess I was really really good at squeezing branden's hand and not very good at squeezing the ball! I think I got 50 million reminders "keep squeezing".  "Oh yeah!" I kept forgetting and it felt like I had no strength in my hand! Anyways! Somehow I got through it and only almost started crying once! Who is this new woman?!? Amy Campbell?? NO WAY! Amy would NEVER DONATE BLOOD! Well guess what people! I AM AWESOME!
Oh! And I also had real chinese food for the first time yesterday! including...wanton soup?! Yep, new experiences all around! I am feeling amazing! Now I have to write Cody and tell him. Pretty sure he isn't going to believe me =)

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  1. You're pretty rock awesome chica. And we are so eating more chinese food together! My favorite type! Oh and sushi. Yummmmmm!