"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anniversary Poems

Your Beautiful Love

When considering life's beauties
within my mind I see
Spring with all her glorious blooms
And birds within her trees
I see the joy of summer
The warmth of golden rays
The laugh of little children
As they hop about and play
I contemplate fall's stillness
Cool, serene, yet warm
With leaves that burn like fire
That dance with wind, and swarm
I picture winter's solitude
I see her blankets white
I see her glistening daytime
And clear and starry night
Yet in things around me
is found beauty, this is true
the greatest love, and joy,
and grace, and beauty I have
found my love, is you

-Love you!
Elder Norman

"Though We Are Apart"

Though we are far apart, the distance does not seem to me so great.  Though many miles stand guard between us, many things to us are same.  When night descends and you see the moon, do you pause to ponder that I stand beneath it as well? Do your hands feel the caress of mine when you handle the letters I send to you?  Do you see Brazil through the window of the words I scribe? Do you feel me in the time that you pass through, knowing I was there three hours before?  Do you consider how we breathe the same air, or feel the same sun?  If ever you feel too far from me, cast your thoughts upon what has not changed.  And above all else, rest assured, my love, that the heart within you beats in time with mine as well. Is this not a sweet reality, born it seems for a dream?  Fear not, doubt not, and wait for the day that our hearts will join together once more.  As sure as gravity's pull, as joyful as the robin's return to spring, as sweet as the flowers wake from winter's sleep, my heart will return to yours.  Take courage, my love, and remember the "why".  Why do we wait? Why must this be? My love, we wait for our Eternity.
-Elder Norman

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