"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Monday, June 11, 2012


Went on a little photo shoot the other day with some of my best friends! They are so cute! And make me want to be married =) Here are a couple photos from the shoot.

And of course someone had to steal the camera away from me and take one of me...
AND if you have NOT heard this song, listen to it! It is beautiful!
By the way, got the BEST letter ever from Cody today! The letters I get are from a while back because of slow mail, and he was saying how he had just gotten my letters to him =( poor guy!

"I have TONS to write about, because I've gotten letters week 1-6!!! babe, you're making me the happiest guy...I mean Elder...in the world!!! Sweetpea, they mean so so so SO much to me! When I read them, it's just like you're right here with me! I read through them all regularly, and everything is just easier! Thank you babe!"

In one of my letters I sent to him, I explained how I wanted to be like the best cheerleader ever to him while he was gone, and in this letter he says...,

 "Thanks babe! Can I be yours too? yeah? yeah?? ok!

Amy Amy you're so cool! 
Best at loving, best at school!
Goooo Amy!
I love you more than I know how to feel!"

So pretty much he is the best ever and super cute!

Well, I got the family email today too and I have new updates! He is out of the CTM, and he is in CapĆ£o Bonito . His companion's name is Elder Nazareth, who has 9 months left. Cody is doing fabulous at speaking the language but getting himself down on it.  He said it has been raining for almost a week straight! Crazy!

Well he sounds fantastic and for the first time, I didn't cry while reading this letter! It was because I was just so happy! =) Too much happiness for tears! YAY! 
Cheers for month 3 and year 3! We all know that 3 is a magic number!...according to school house rock! =)


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  2. wow amazing photos and amazing song!