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Monday, June 4, 2012

be happy amy!

I have decided that i'm a self centered person. I am soo selfish! What is wrong with me?! All I do is think "woe is me!" all the time instead of saying "thank you Heavenly Father for putting Elder Cody Norman in my life!"
Today has been a very insightful day for me! I have realized why I am going through what I am. The number one thing I want most in this life is to be a wife and mother, and I have realized that I don't get to experience that quite yet is because I need to learn to selfless. I need to learn how to take care of me if I want to do anything else! When you are a wife and mother, you put yourself at the very bottom of the priority list.  You take care of everyone, and if I can't even handle being by myself right now, then there is a problem! God is teaching me something! He is saying "Pull yourself together woman! and once you do, I can have what I am looking for.
This is just a learning experience/test. So far I feel like I am failing...meh!
Also, how dare I even feel sad when others are experiencing even worse things out there?!
So I am apologizing! I am sorry for being self centered and I am going to try to be more optimistic about things!
Cody sent me TWO letters today by the way! He can't send pictures through email anymore but he was able to send me some printed out ones! ...pathetic moment here, he took a picture of a flower just for me and I loved it so much I started to cry! LOL i'm so pathetic! He is on his last week at the CTM and then he is out in the field! I can't believe it! Once he is out, he can send pictures through email I believe. Then I can start posting pictures again! 

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