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Sunday, November 25, 2012

sick and pictures

I just found out that Cody is very sick =( I am very worried about him. He sent a short email saying he was sick and that his fever was going up and he wasn't sure if would have to go to the hospital. And then he finished the email. Needless to say, I was super worried. So I have to wait until tomorrow to see if everything is ok. I keep praying he is ok! Pray for him!
He got the bacon popcorn I sent him!

enjoying his letters!

The package I sent him! I hope this was after he had it for a while. It looks messy!

...he loves netella LOL

and here is a parrot! 

My poor boy! He is so sweaty! I can't even imagine how hot it is there!

His area. So beautiful!

He melts my heart!

I want to hug him! 

and he is the same Cody that I know =)

another picture of his area

I don't think his companion likes Cody's tie that I got him

boys are silly

and that would be a ninja turtle outside his window

Elder Norman and his companion!

"Chocolate rain" from such bad pollution. GROSS!

hehe! he got a package from his mommy! yay!

eating food, like a man!

Keeping up on his missionary haircut!

Looks yummy!


Look at their beautiful temple!

They got to go to the temple! He was so excited!

Beautiful flowers at the temple!

They didn't have lights at their apartment so they were working by candle light

Cody and his companion at the temple

Sometimes, when you are a man, you dress up like a ninja in your room.

Again...he loves nutella =)


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