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Thursday, May 3, 2012

699 days!!!

boooooyaaaaaa!!! i am out of the 700's!!!!! SO excited!!! 
So today marks one month of Cody being gone! Like i said before, my emotions are all over the place! the other day my roommate walks in and says "Amy, how are you doing ok? aren't you sad?" and I answer "what other choice do i have? it's either be fine or die!!" Anyway I feel like my emotions are perfectly described in Tangled.  Watch this video and laugh!

oh! while we are on the subject of cute! lets just watch the tangled lantern scene also! which almost makes me cry every time i see it.  i just want that to be me! it's sooo romantic!                                                 


Well, in Cody's last email to his family he said that he has been sending me a letter every week since he has been gone! i almost started crying! so even though it's been a month and i haven't gotten a letter, i know that once they do come in, they will just keep coming! that makes me so happy! and then i can send my over 18 pages of love to him! 

oh! and i was thinking about our anniversary which is next month.  i think i am going to order a pizza for him? and have them deliver it with the pepperoni's in the shape of a heart?? i talked to a lot of MG's and they said that they did the same thing! i think, if it works out, it will be perfect! anyways, we will see what happens!

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