"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

making out

I just want to say how frustrated I am! I was having conversations with some other waiting missionary girlfriends! and what is the number one thing they want to do with their boy when they get back?? Talk about all their experiences? Go to dinner? Take a romantic walk? Catch up on some movies? NO! The number one answer is make out session! Am I a little paranoid with this topic because that is the exact reason why so many couples get into trouble?? yes, i am right! It is the exact reason why my roommate missed out on a temple marriage.  Because she liked to make out a little too much.  And when I bring that up, they roll their eyes and think "whatever! molly mormon here!" and the ONLY thing I say is be careful and make sure that your emotional relationship is as important as your physical one.  If that is true, then there should be more important things to do.  I am not saying don't kiss! Heck! I am definately going to kiss Cody! BUT I know that we have set rules and I definately want to do other things with him more!

I just have to vent about this! My last couple of posts i talked about everything that i missed about Cody! and kissing wasn't one of those things! NOT that it wasn't important, just that when I was writing about it, that's not what I missed. I missed the other things.  And what does that tell me? that tells me that we have a great relationship!


  1. Who are you? Oh yes, you are that wonderful girl that my son loves. I know why too. You just keep those standards and thoughts and ignore the rest. You are far more mature in your thinking, and it will be what keeps the two of you pure. And that, in a nutshell, is why I believe you'll still be around when he comes home. Your relationship has always been based on so many more things than physical only.