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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cody quotes!

SO! I have gotten five letters so far! and in the last family email, Cody said he has gotten three Dear elder letters and his FIRST HANDWRITTEN LETTER from me!!! I'm soo excited!

My very first letter!
 Also, in the package Cody gave sent to me for my birthday, he gave me a pad of sticky notes with 100 cody quotes and sweet nothings! I thought it was so sweet! But I decided that since two years is 104 weeks, I would kinda just use it as a countdown.  So every week I pull a new sticky note off! =) Well i'm on week seven now and I love every single one of them!
he is seriously the cutest ever!

part of a poem he wrote me

some of the lyrics from the song he wrote me

more poems


whenever i made notes or to do lists, he would write "love cody" and put a checkbox


he is the best. period.

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  1. I remember him talking about it. I think that's a great idea for you, something to really look forward to! I love that boy. I'm going to be looking forward to his quotes now too!