"I love you more than I know how to feel"

Monday, May 7, 2012


So, since I was informed from both my moms that my letter would probably get here today, I was ready and waiting in the lounge for the mailman! Once I saw him pull up, I was ready with the door open and squealing.  The lady opened the bag and sloooowly took out the letters and I saw my name and almost started squealing.  I was literally off my feet, hanging over the front desk trying to grab it! So I got my letter and ran home to read it! 
About halfway into my letter, my roommate knocks on the door and says "amos, i know your busy reading your letter but i got something for you." I open my door and... SHE IS HOLDING A SECOND LETTER! Of course I freak out and grab it! 
2 LETTERS!!!!!! and this is my box of love!
So pretty much I cried the whole time while reading them! I don't know why but somehow I have been soo worried lately that he has stopped loving me and i'm no longer important to him and blah blah blah! 
I know that it was just my woman mind being silly! But after reading his letters, I just KNOW that he still loves me and that he is an AMAZING missionary! I love him sooo much! 


  1. Well, I'm thinking you need to decorate that 'box of love'! I'm sure pink would be super cute ;) If you don't do it before school is over, bring it over here and I'm sure we can find something in my craft room that would work. However, you're probably going to need more than one box! LOVE!