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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I love Elder Norman!

I have been feeling ridiculously sad and depressed lately soo I decided to add some pictures! I love blogging! It makes me happy! and I get to see pictures of Cody's face! =)

A group shot! (Those girls better not flirt with him! )

So this is just to get an idea of how GIGANTIC Sao Paulo is!

This is the Brazil MTC or (CTM is how he says it!)

A front view of it! It's soo tall! Cody's room is on the 6th floor!

The Sao Paulo Temple!

Look how adorable he is!!!
So, still no letter! But his mom called tonight and said she got her first letter from the day he left when he was in the airplane! She read it to me! It was kinda weird because it was from his first day leaving and he has been gone for over a month now! And i just found out my mom and my sister got letters from him today too! so hopefully mine will come on Monday!!! Fingers are crossed!!!

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