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Friday, May 25, 2012

Scrap book

So I have decided that I will not post anything about weddings until my last six months! I am trying so hard not to go against that! I already have an entire album with all my ideas and pictures and such BUT I AM GOING TO WAIT! Then I can plan it for real! =)

So instead of talking about wedding stuff, i'm going to share a little bit about my scrapbook which Cody and I made together.  It is the cutest thing ever and took FOREVER to make! <3 I had made him a little one for a valentines day gift, maybe our first together? But this one is way awesomer! And Cody said that I could have this one to take to college with me! I am so happy about that because it is perfect! Here are a couple pictures of a few of the pages and I will share more later!

And I will stop with those because I want other things to blog about later. (I do have 22 months to fill) 
Also...I haven't gotten a letter in over eight days which is strange considering the fact that Cody writes me two letters a week. I don't know if I should worry! It's probably the slow mail because it's from Brazil.  In the last family email, he said that he finally received all of my letters to him! The order he got them in? Letters 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 6, and i'm not sure if he got seven or not...I don't remember.  He said he wasn't sure when he was going to get letter one! 
Talking about mail...I feel like I am a mailman stalker! It reminds me of this song! 

Also!!! My newest favorite song is Kiss Me Slowly by Parachute! It is so beautiful! I did add it to my playlist but I just had to add a video too!

Nine more days till i'm on month three!!! 
I love Elder Norman!!!

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