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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

unexpected wedding

So today ends week four.  Tomorrow starts week five and I still have not gotten a letter.  My daily runs (literally) to the mailbox are still as disappointing as they were the first week.  

My day today has actually been very strange.  Let me explain.  My roommate and I got a new girl move in with us this semester.  She just started dating this boy a week before the semester started and about a week or so ago, they got engaged.  Well, they have only been together for like three weeks total.  Anyways, they had planned on getting married in October and were very excited.  But on Sunday, she informed us that, because of certain choices that they had made, they were in fact leaving school and going to be civilly married on Thursday! Well, today is Tuesday and when I woke up, she told me she was getting married at four thirty! CRAZY! So she went out and found a wedding dress and I did her hair in the thirty minutes before she had to be at the court house.  Me and my roommate went with two other people who were the witnesses.  The ceremony lasted about ten minutes and lacked the spiritual aspect that I was wishing for.  

and that was that and now it's over.

I am so sad about the circumstances around this marriage. A marriage that was supposed to be magical and beautiful and spiritual and the the greatest blessing of a persons life! I am so sorry that she couldn't experience a temple marriage because of the decisions she had made!  and I know that it's because she hadn't set rules for their relationship.  I am not judging her or criticizing her.  I am just taking this experience as a lesson for myself. 

The fact is, Cody and I have already set rules for when he comes back home!  We want a temple marriage more than anything! and I am not willing to compromise with that goal for anything! I always knew why but now, from experience, I can feel why! 


  1. That seems inappropriate to share so publicly...I feel bad for her. What if she knew you were writing that about her. And it sounds like you're judging her to me.

  2. Well if you think it's inappropriate you don't have to read it... I think it shows what you could have if you choose the right. Amy was very nice about it and was not judging her in the least. I'm the other roommate and have lived with both the girls. Amy loves her and would never do anything to hurt her feelings but I think even the other girl can admit she's missing out on wonderful blessings that can only come from the temple. It's Amy's blog, if she wants to post something in it than she is free to do so, you don't have to read it. Just saying.

  3. I'm sure the married roommate is just as welcome to read this as anyone else and anyone who would know who she is by reading this would already know of the circumstances/and the marriage ceremony. Amy was not judging, did not give names, specifics, etc... She simply shared her sorrow for a sister ( spiritual sense) for missing out on some incredible blessings, and peace, and also, whether she meant to or not, shared a testimony, and a lesson! I agree with Brianna, you don't have to read it, and "anonymous" I think your comment about your assumption of judging is judgmental! I also find it interesting that you feel you need to hide who you are to post things. I love Amy, and I know her! She is NOT judgmental, and tender hearted!